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Sh*t Biden Says : A Treasury of Quotes

Sh*t Biden Says : A Treasury of Quotes

Life-changing sleep in just 7 days. Boost energy levels, reduce snoring & synthesize anti-aging benefits, all overnight!

💤 Prevents mouth-breathing at night

😴 Eliminates snoring during sleep

🦷 Improves immunity & oral health


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Sh*t Biden Says : A Treasury of Quotes

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How it works

Soma mouth tape works by gently sealing the lips and keeping the mouth closed during sleep. When the mouth is closed, it encourages nasal breathing and nitric oxide intake, which allows for air to be filtered, and humidified before reaching the lungs, providing a whole range of lasting benefits!


Simply peel Soma from the backing tape and press firmly over the lips. And that's it, enjoy revolutionary sleep! For best adhesion, purse lips slightly while attaching.

Shipping & Returns

Orders are processed within 2-5 days after order placement. If your Soma mouth tape comes defective or damaged, reach out to our team for more information on a refund or replacement.

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  • The "all-in-1" sleep hack

    Our mouth tape solves multiple sleep-related issues such as reducing snoring, improving sleep quality & synthesizing anti-aging immune responses.

  • Easy-to-use & effective

    The convenient and hassle-free way to reap multiple overnight benefits. Soma mouth tape was designed to be unobtrusive and unnoticeable when sound asleep.

  • Look and feel your best

    Most mouth tapers report feeling improvements in their overall health and performance in just a couple days! See how mouth taping can change your life today.

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  • Sleep Better, Naturally

    Soma mouth tape promotes nasal breathing, leading to improved sleep quality and improved oxygen intake for a more restful slumber.

  • Eliminate Long-Term Snoring

    By gently taping the mouth shut, air can't escape the mouth as freely, reducing vibrations in the throat and minimizing snoring.

  • Improve Oral Health

    Increasing oxygenation through the nose can regulate the PH levels in the mouth, preventing bacterial overgrowth.

  • Boost Daily Performance

    More oxygen from nasal breathing leads to faster recovery during sleep, and improved aerobic performance during the day.

Life-changing sleep, in just a couple days

Experience the transformative effects of Soma with 15% OFF our monthly subscription offer.

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